How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots

Boots are a staple in any cowboy’s wardrobe, and a boot knife is a perfect accessory to complete the look. In addition, a boot knife can be used for various tasks, such as cutting rope or straps or even self-defense. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots and provide tips on selecting the right one for you. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots

Summary: Cowboy boots can be a fashionable way to show off your style, but they can also be utilized as a part of a tactical outfit if you want to add a bit of extra protection. A boot knife is a convenient and discreet way to carry a self-defense weapon while wearing cowboy boots. To properly wear a boot knife, you should ensure that it fits securely in the boot and is easy to access. Additionally, it’s important to make sure the blade is protected and cannot be seen in public.

Why Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots?

A boot knife is a small, concealed knife designed to be worn on the ankle or boot. Boot knives are typically fixed blades, meaning they do not have a folding mechanism and can be easily accessed in an emergency. While boot knives are often associated with self-defense, they can also be used for more mundane tasks, such as cutting rope or opening a can of food. There are a few reasons why you might want to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots, including:

For Self-Defense:

A boot knife can be a valuable self-defense tool, especially if you are working in a remote area or traveling in an unfamiliar place. In addition, a boot knife can give you the advantage you need to escape if you are ever attacked.

To Cut Rope or Straps:

If you are a cowboy or cowgirl, you often find yourself working with rope or straps. A boot knife can come in handy for quickly cutting through rope or straps when needed. It can also be used to remove obstacles in your path, such as a barbed wire.

For Everyday Tasks:

A boot knife can also be used for more mundane tasks, such as opening a food can or cutting through packaging. If you are ever in a situation where you need a knife but don’t have one, a boot knife can be a lifesaver. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Open a Food Can  With Boot Knife

How to Select a Boot Knife

When selecting a boot knife, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind, including:

The Size of the Knife: 

Boot knives come in a variety of sizes, from small to large. It’s important to select a knife that is comfortable for you to wear and that won’t be too bulky or uncomfortable. It’s also important to consider the size of the blade when selecting a boot knife. A larger blade may be more difficult to conceal, but it will also be more effective if you need to use it for self-defense.

The Type of Blade: 

Boot knives typically have a fixed blade, which means the blade is permanently attached to the handle. However, some models feature a folding blade, which can be more convenient for carrying. It’s important to select a blade made from high-quality materials and the right size for your needs.

The Material: 

Boot knives are typically made from stainless steel or another durable material. You’ll want to select a knife that can withstand regular use and that won’t rust or corrode over time. It’s also important to consider the handle material when selecting a boot knife. Some models have a plastic or synthetic handle, while others have a wooden or metal

Boot Knives Are Made  From Stainless Steel

The Price: 

Boot knives range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive. It’s important to select a knife that fits your budget, and that will meet your needs. Remember that you may have to sacrifice some features if you are on a tight budget. It’s also important to remember that a more expensive knife is not necessarily a better knife.

Step by Step How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots

1. Choose the Shoe.

The first step of how to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots is to ensure you have the right footwear. If you want to wear a boot knife with cowboy boots, make sure the knife will fit in the boot. Some knives are too large to fit in certain boots. Try on the boots and ensure the knife fits snugly inside before purchasing.

Wear a Boot Knife  With Cowboy Boots

2. Select the Right Knife.

Now that you have the right footwear, it’s time to pick out the perfect knife. If you’re wearing cowboy boots, you’ll want a knife that has a Western flair. So select a boot knife with a leather sheath and intricate details.

3. Select the Location.

Now that you have the right knife, it’s time to decide where you want to wear it. The most popular location for a boot knife is on the right side of the boot, just behind the calf. However, you can also wear it on the left side or in front of the boot.

4. Put on the Knife.

Now that you’ve selected the location, it’s time to put on the knife. First, take the sheath and slide it over the boot. Then, insert the knife into the sheath. Make sure the knife is secure before continuing. If the knife is too loose, it could fall out and injure you.

5. Use the Laces.

Once the knife is in place, you can use the boot laces to secure it. Take the laces and wrap them around the sheath a few times. This will help keep the knife in place and prevent it from falling out. If you don’t have laces, you can use a belt or piece of rope.

Can Use the Boot  Laces to Secure It

6. Tie the Laces.

After you’ve wrapped the laces around the sheath, it’s time to tie them off. Make sure the knots are tight, so the knife doesn’t come loose. You don’t want the knife to fall out and injure you or someone else. If you don’t know how to tie knots, there are plenty of tutorials online.

7. Use a Belt.

If you don’t have laces, you can use a belt to secure the knife to your leg. To do this, put the belt through the sheath’s loop and thread it through your belt loops. This will keep the knife in place and make it more difficult for someone to grab it and pull it away from you. Just make sure the belt is tight enough, so the knife doesn’t fall out, but not too tight that it’s uncomfortable. You can also use a belt to secure the sheath to your leg if you’re not using laces.

8. Use a Knife Sheath.

If you don’t have a belt or laces, you can use a knife sheath to secure the knife to your leg. To do this, put the sheath over the boot and then put the knife into the sheath. Make sure the knife is secure before you start walking around.

Can Use a  Knife Sheath

9. Check the Fit and Make Adjustments.

Once the boot knife is in place, it’s time to check the fit. Ensure the knife is snug against your leg and doesn’t move around too much. If it’s too loose, it could fall out and injure you. If it’s too tight, it could be uncomfortable. Make adjustments as needed until you get the perfect fit.

10. Go for a Test Walk.

Now that you have the knife in place, it’s time to go for a test walk. First, walk around your house or yard to ensure the knife doesn’t move around too much and that it’s comfortable. If it’s not comfortable or if it moves around too much, make adjustments until it is.

11. Wear It Out.

Once you’re satisfied with the fit, it’s time to take it out in public. Wear the boot knife confidently, knowing you’re prepared for anything. If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, you’ll be glad you have it.

You Can Check It Out to Add a Back Strap to Mules

How to Prevent Your Boot Knife from Falling Out

1. Pick the Right Size Knife. 

If your knife is too big, it will fall out easily. It will be uncomfortable and difficult to use if it’s too small. It’s important to pick a knife that’s the right size for you and your boots.

2. Choose a Knife With a Good Sheath.  

The sheath is just as important as the knife itself. A good sheath will keep your knife secure and make it easy to take out and put away. If you’re unsure which sheath to choose, ask a salesperson or another knife enthusiast for help.

3. Wear Your Boots Loosely. 

If your boots are too tight, getting the knife in and out will be difficult. Wear them loose enough so that you can easily access the knife, but not so loosely that the knife will fall out. If you’re not sure, err on the side of a little too loose.

4. Use a Lanyard. 

A lanyard is a cord that you can attach to your knife and wear around your neck. This will help keep the knife from falling out if it does come loose from the sheath. It’s a good idea to have a lanyard even if you’re not wearing cowboy boots.

5. Practice With the Knife. 

Before you take your knife out in public, practice with it at home. Get used to taking it in and out of the sheath and wearing it around your neck. This will help you feel more comfortable with the knife and prevent accidents.

6. Wear Your Knife on the Outside of Your Boot. 

If you wear your knife on the inside of your boot, it’s more likely to fall out. Wearing it on the outside gives you more control over the knife and makes it less likely to fall out. It’s also more comfortable and easier to draw the knife from the sheath.

Tips and Warnings on How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots


  1. Be sure that the boot knife is dull when you put it on. You don’t want to cut yourself accidentally!
  2. If you’re sitting down, make sure the boot knife is in a sheath, so it doesn’t jab into your leg.
  3. Consider putting the boot knife on your non-dominant side so you can easily reach it if you need to.
  4. If you have long hair, tie it back, so it doesn’t get in the way of the boot knife.


  1. Don’t try to show off by waving the boot knife around! This is dangerous and could result in serious injury.
  2. Never use the boot knife to threaten or hurt someone – this is a sure way to get into trouble.
  3. Be very careful when drawing the boot knife from its sheath, as you don’t want to cut yourself.
  4. If you’re uncomfortable wearing a boot knife, don’t do it! It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Are You Supposed to Wear a Boot Knife?

A boot knife can be tricky to wear. Ideally, you should try to wear it inside your boot, so that it’s easy to grab and access when you need it. You can also attach a lanyard or strap to make carrying it easier. Finally, make sure you know how to use it – practice using it before you go out in the field.

Are Boot Knives Useful?

Boot knives are not just for collecting dust on the shelf. In fact, there are many practical uses for a boot knife that go well beyond simply cutting through tough boots. Boot knives can be used to carve vegetables, pare fruits and vegetables, cut meat or game, dig up roots and bulbs in gardens or flower pots, whittle sticks into shape…the list goes on!

They’re versatile tools that can help you do tasks around the house quickly and easily—making them an essential part of any kitchen toolkit. While they don’t always have the prettiest appearance (some may even look a little scary!), trust us when we say that boot knives ultimately make life easier by saving time and energy. And who doesn’t want that?

Is There a Trick to Putting on Cowboy Boots?

The best way to put on cowboy boots may vary depending on your height, width, and arch type. However, some tips that might help include finding the right size by measuring your feet in inches and then ordering a pair of boots that falls within those measurements. Additionally, you should snug up the laces once you have them tight enough so that they don’t come untied during wear. And finally, make sure to oil or wax both the inside and outside of your boots regularly for protection against moisture build-up and corrosion.

Should Cowboy Boots Feel Tight at First?

While it is generally recommended that cowboy boots feel tight at first, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Over time, the boot should stretch and conform to your feet as they become accustomed to wearing them. In fact, many cowboys actually prefer boots that are slightly too tight because it ensures a good fit. This eliminates the need for adjustment down the road and also promotes an even distribution of pressure throughout the entire boot.

If you’re worried about how tight your boots will feel initially, take some measurements before purchasing.


This article has provided tips on How to Wear a Boot Knife With Cowboy Boots. Boot knives are a great way to add an extra layer of protection when you’re out and about. With the right accessories, wearing your knife with cowboy boots is easy. Follow these simple steps to make sure you have everything you need to feel safe and stylish while wearing your boot knife!

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