How to Style Platform Loafers

Platform loafers are perhaps one of the most versatile yet underrated shoe styles out there. While their chunky soles and retro aesthetic may seem intimidating at first, with the right styling tricks platform loafers can easily become a go-to shoe for both casual and smarter occasions. Through trial and error, I’ve found some foolproof ways to style my platform loafers so that they look polished and put-together without looking try-hard.

How to Style Platform Loafers

In this post, I’ll share my top tips for how to style platform loafers, from pairing them with different pants lengths and textures to layering them with socks in cooler weather. By the end, you’ll be as obsessed with your platform loafers as I am with mine. Let’s dive in and discuss how to showcase these shoes’ unique charm through thoughtful outfit combinations.

9 Best Ways on How to Style Platform Loafers

1. Dress Them Up with Trousers:

One of the easiest ways to elevate your platform loafers is by pairing them with trousers. Whether it’s a classic, tailored pair or more relaxed and flowy, trousers provide a perfect balance for the chunky silhouette of platform loafers. The key here is to choose trouser styles that hit above the ankle, as this will create a flattering and elongating effect. This is a great go-to look for the office or for a more formal event, as it exudes both style and confidence.

2. Go Casual with Jeans:

For a more relaxed and effortless look, pair your platform loafers with jeans. Opt for straight-leg or wide-leg styles to balance out the chunky soles of the shoes. You can also play around with different denim washes and textures, such as distressed or embroidered, to add some personality to your outfit. This is a great everyday look that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

3. Play with Skirts:

Midi Skirts in Particular

While platform loafers are often associated with more masculine styles, they can also look incredibly feminine when paired with skirts. Midi skirts in particular are a great option to pair with platform loafers as they create a flattering and balanced silhouette. You can opt for flowy, A-line skirts or more fitted pencil skirts, depending on your personal style. This is also a great outfit choice for transitioning from summer to fall.

4. Add Some Edge with Leather:

For a bold and edgy look, try pairing your platform loafers with leather pieces. Whether it’s a leather jacket, pants, or skirt, the contrast between the chunky shoes and sleek leather creates a stylish and eye-catching outfit. You can also experiment with different colors of leather, such as burgundy or navy, to add some depth to your look.

5. Layer with Socks:

Socks are not just for keeping your feet warm, they can also be a stylish addition to your platform loafers. In cooler weather, try pairing your shoes with patterned or textured socks for a fun and playful look. You can also layer them over sheer tights for a more dressed-up vibe. This is a great way to add some personality and creativity to your outfit.

 Pairing Your Shoes With Patterned

6. Go Monochromatic:

For a sleek and modern look, try styling your platform loafers with pieces in the same color family. Whether it’s all black or shades of brown, this monochromatic approach creates a cohesive and sophisticated outfit. You can also add some dimension by playing around with different textures, such as suede or velvet. This is a great go-to look for a night out or a more formal event.

7. Embrace Athleisure:

Who says platform loafers can’t be part of your athleisure wardrobe? Pair them with leggings and an oversized hoodie for a comfortable yet stylish outfit perfect for running errands or grabbing brunch with friends. You can also add some accessories, like a baseball cap or a crossbody bag, to complete the look.

8. Try Layering with Suits:

For a fashion-forward and unexpected outfit, try layering your platform loafers over a pantsuit. This is a great option for those looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd. You can choose between classic black or navy suits or opt for a more colorful and patterned option. This is a fun and unique way to incorporate platform loafers into your work wardrobe.

9. Keep it Simple with Dresses:

Last but not least, don’t hesitate to pair your platform loafers with dresses. Whether it’s a flowy maxi dress or a fitted mini, the contrast between the delicate fabric of the dress and the chunky shoes creates a stylish and interesting look. You can also play around with different dress styles, such as shirt dresses or slip dresses, to create a variety of outfits. This is a great option for both casual and more dressed-up occasions.

Such as Shirt Dresses

So there you have it, 9 ways to style platform loafers. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to confidently incorporate platform loafers into your everyday wardrobe, showcasing their unique and versatile charm. Remember to have fun and experiment with different styles to find what works best for you. Happy styling!  

Additional Tips and Tricks to Style Platform Loafers

1. If you want to add some height to your look without sacrificing comfort, the platform loafers are a great option. They provide additional support and cushioning for your feet while still maintaining the classic loafer style.

2. When styling platform loafers, it’s important to keep in mind the balance of proportions. Since these shoes have a chunkier sole, it’s best to pair them with more fitted or streamlined clothing pieces on top.

3. Platform loafers come in a variety of materials, from leather to suede to velvet. Consider the occasion and your style when choosing the material for your platform loafers.

4. For a casual look, try pairing platform loafers with cropped jeans or wide-leg trousers. This creates a modern and chic silhouette while still being comfortable.

Wide-leg Trousers

5. If you want to dress up your platform loafers, opt for a pair in a sleek and smooth leather material. This adds a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

6. Another way to style platform loafers is by pairing them with dresses or skirts. This creates an unexpected contrast between the casualness of the loafers and the femininity of the dress or skirt.

7. For a more edgy look, try pairing your platform loafers with socks. This adds an interesting texture and layering element to your outfit.

8. You can also play around with different sock lengths and patterns, such as sheer or patterned socks for a fun twist on the classic loafer style.

9. When it comes to colors, platform loafers look great in neutral shades like black, brown, and white. But don’t be afraid to add a pop of color with a bold or bright pair.

10. Lastly, have fun experimenting with different styles and looks when it comes to platform loafers. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!

Following these tips and tricks, you can easily style your platform loafers to fit any occasion or outfit. Remember to always prioritize comfort and balance in your styling choices, and don’t be afraid to add some personality with different materials, colors, and accessories. Happy styling!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Choose the Right Pair of Platform Loafers?

When shopping for platform loafers, there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, consider the height of the platform – do you want a dramatic lift or something more subtle? Next, think about the material and color – leather or suede can give a different look than canvas or velvet, and neutral colors will be more versatile than bold prints. Finally, make sure to try on different sizes and styles to find the most comfortable fit for your feet.

How Do I Style Platform Loafers?

Platform loafers are versatile shoes that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. For a casual look, pair them with cropped jeans and a t-shirt or flowy dress. They can also be worn with tailored pants and a blazer for a more polished outfit. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles for a unique and personalized look.

Are Platform Loafers Comfortable?

Platform loafers are generally comfortable due to their wider sole and added height. However, it is important to find the right fit for your feet as each person’s comfort level may vary. Some platform loafers also come with added cushioning and support for extra comfort. It is always a good idea to try on different styles and brands to find the most comfortable pair for you.

How Do I Take Care of My Platform Loafers?

To keep your platform loafers looking their best, it is important to properly care for them. For leather or suede materials, use a brush or cloth to remove any dirt or debris before applying a leather conditioner. For canvas or velvet materials, spot cleaning with mild soap and water may be necessary.

 Use a Brush or Cloth to Remove Any Dirt

It is also recommended to store your platform loafers in a cool, dry place when not in use to prevent any damage.  Overall, following the care instructions provided by the brand will help maintain the quality and longevity of your platform loafers.  So, make sure to read them carefully before wearing or cleaning your shoes.

Can Men Wear Platform Loafers?

Yes, men can wear platform loafers! Many fashion-forward men have been seen sporting this trend in recent years. To style them, men can pair platform loafers with slim-fit trousers and a button-down shirt for a sophisticated look, or with cuffed jeans and a graphic t-shirt for a more casual vibe. The key is to find the right fit and style that suits your personal taste and comfort level.


Now you know how to style platform loafers and can confidently rock this trend with different outfits and for various occasions. Remember to choose the right pair, take care of them properly, and have fun experimenting with different styles to make this shoe a staple in your wardrobe. Whether you prefer a simple or bold look, platform loafers are a versatile and stylish addition to any outfit.

So go ahead and elevate your fashion game with this trendy and comfortable shoe choice!  So, give it a try and see how it transforms your outfit into a chic and effortless look. Keep in mind that fashion is all about experimenting and finding what works best for you, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your platform loafers.  Happy styling!

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