How to Soften Cowboy Boots

If you’ve ever worn cowboy boots, you know they can be tough and stiff. Cowboy boots are meant to last, but that doesn’t mean that they have to be uncomfortable. In this post, we’ll show you how to soften cowboy boots so that they’re more comfortable to wear. We’ll also share some tips on how to keep your cowboy boots in good shape. Stay tuned!

How to Soften Cowboy Boots

Summary: To soften cowboy boots, start by applying a leather conditioner or boot oil to the exterior of the boots. Allow the boots to soak in the conditioner for at least an hour. Fill the boots with water and freeze them overnight for a stronger softening effect. The water will expand as it freezes, stretching the leather of the boots and resulting in a more comfortable fit.

What Are Cowboy Boots?

The first cowboy boots were created in the American West during the 1800s. Cowboys needed a sturdy, comfortable boot that could withstand long hours in the saddle and tough conditions. The boots they wore became known as “cowboy boots.” Today, cowboy boots are still made in the Western tradition, but they’re also worn as a fashion statement.

They come in a wide range of styles, from classic leather to brightly colored suede. Cowboy boots can be dressy or casual, and they look great with jeans, skirts, and even dresses. So whether you’re headed to the ranch or the club, cowboy boots add a touch of style to any outfit.

Why Should You Soften Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy boots are a timeless fashion staple, but they can also be notoriously difficult to break in. The stiff leather and narrow shape can make for a painful first few wearings, but there are a few tricks you can use to soften the leather and make your boots more comfortable. First, try wearing them around the house for short periods of time to get the leather used to the shape of your foot.

You can also stuff them with newspaper or sock balls to help hold their shape. Finally, apply a quality leather conditioner to help soften the material. With a little bit of effort, you can turn those stiff cowboy boots into a fashionable and comfortable footwear option.

How to Soften Cowboy Boots Step By Step Guide

Step 1: Walk Around In Your New Boots

Walk around in Them

The first step to softening your new cowboy boots is to walk around in them. This will help to break in the leather and make them more comfortable to wear. It is important to do this for at least an hour or two so that the boots have a chance to mold to your feet.

Step 2: Apply Leather Oil To Your New Boots

Next, you will need to apply leather oil to your new boots. This will help to soften the leather and make it more pliable. You can find leather oil at most shoe stores or online. Make sure to apply the oil evenly over the entire boot to penetrate the leather.

Step 3: Use Vaseline

If you want to soften your cowboy boots quickly, you can try using Vaseline. Simply apply a generous amount of Vaseline to the entire boot and let it sit for an hour or so. The Vaseline will help to soften the leather and make it more pliable.

Step 4: Freeze to Soften Leather Boots

Another quick way to soften your cowboy boots is to freeze them. Simply place your boots in a plastic bag and then put them in the freezer for an hour or two. The cold temperatures will help to make the leather more pliable and soft. Just be sure to let them thaw out completely before wearing them, or you may end up with cold feet!

Step 5: Use Alcohol Spray

If you have an alcohol-based spray, you can use it to soften your cowboy boots. Simply spray the entire boot with the alcohol and let it sit for a few minutes. The alcohol will help to soften the leather and make it more pliable.

Step 6: Use A Hair Dryer

If you have a hair dryer, you can use it to soften your cowboy boots. First, simply turn the hair dryer on low and hold it about six inches away from the boot. Next, move the hair dryer around so that the entire boot is heated evenly.

Simply Put Them in a Plastic Bag

Step 7: Apply Leather Conditioner

After you have softened your cowboy boots, you will need to apply a leather conditioner. This will help to protect the leather and keep it from drying out. You can find leather conditioners at most shoe stores or online. Make sure to apply the conditioner evenly over the entire boot to penetrate the leather.

Step 8: Fill Them Up With Towels

Another way to soften your cowboy boots is to fill them up with towels. Simply place a few towels inside each boot and let them sit overnight. The towels will help to absorb moisture and soften the leather.

Step 9: Stuff Them With Newspapers

If you want to soften your cowboy boots quickly, you can try stuffing them with newspapers. Simply crumple up a few sheets of newspaper and stuff them into each boot. The newspapers will help to absorb moisture and soften the leather.

Step 10: Use A Boot Stretcher

If you want to soften your cowboy boots permanently, you can try using a boot stretcher. You insert this device into the boot and then turn to stretch the leather. You can find boot stretchers at most shoe stores or online. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully so that you do not damage your boots.

Apply a Leather Conditioner

That’s it! You’ve now learned how to soften cowboy boots. Remember to walk around in them, apply leather oil, and condition the leather to stay soft and pliable.

6 Ways to Make Your Boots More Comfortable

1. Break Your Boots In Properly

Wearing your boots all day, every day, is the best way to break them in. But if you can’t do that, try this method: soak a clean rag in water, wring it out until it’s damp, and stuff the wet rag into your boot. Then, wear the boots around your house for an hour or two. The water will help soften the leather and make the boots more comfortable.

2. Try A New Insole

If your boots are still uncomfortable after breaking them in, you might need to change the insole. If the insole is too thin, it won’t provide enough cushioning for your feet. And if it’s too thick, it will make your boots feel too tight. Instead, try a thicker insole for more support or a thinner insole for more cushioning.

3. Change The Lace Pattern On Your Boots

If your boots are too tight after breaking them in and trying a new insole, you might need to change how you lace them. Instead of lacing them up in a straight line, try crisscrossing the laces or lacing them in a zig-zag pattern. This will help loosen up the fit of your boots.

4. Store Your Boots Properly

Leaving your boots out in the sun or in a hot car will make the leather hard and brittle. And if you store them in a damp basement or garage, they could develop mold or mildew. Store your boots in a cool, dry place to keep them in good condition.

Change the Insole

5. Have Your Boots Professionally Soled

If your boots are still uncomfortable after breaking them in and trying a new insole, you might need to replace the soles. Worn-out soles can make your boots feel uncomfortable and unstable. But a new sole will give your boots better traction and support.

6. Buy New, More Comfortable Boots

If you’ve tried all of these tips and your boots are still uncomfortable, it might be time to buy a new pair. Look for boots that are made from soft, supple leather. And make sure they have a cushioned insole and a supportive sole. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect pair of boots for your feet.

What Not to Do

1. Submerging Your Boots in Water

This is a surefire way to ruin your cowboy boots. When water seeps into the leather, it dries out and hardens, making the boots stiffer than ever. Even if you can get the boots back into their original shape, they will never be as soft and supple as they were before.

2.  Using Chemical Softener

Boots are made of natural materials, so using harsh chemicals on them is a recipe for disaster. Not only will the chemicals damage the leather, but they can also cause the boots to lose their shape and color.

3. Wearing Your Boots Everyday

If you want your cowboy boots to last, you need to give them a break every once in a while. Wearing them daily will cause the leather to dry out and crack, so be sure to rotate them with other shoes in your closet.

4. Storing Your Boots in Direct Sunlight

Leather is a natural material, so it’s important to keep it out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the leather to fade and crack, so be sure to store your boots in a cool, dark place.

5. Ignoring Minor Scuffs and Scratches

Scuffs and scratches are inevitable, but if you ignore them, they will only get worse. Be sure to clean and condition your boots regularly to keep the leather in good condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Cowboy Boots So Stiff?

Cowboy boots are notorious for being very stiff. This is because the boots are made of leather and suede, which are materials that don’t stretch. When you wear cowboy boots, the leather and suede will conform to your foot’s shape, making it very difficult to move your feet.

What Brand of Cowboy Boots Are the Best?

It can be tough to decide which brand of cowboy boots is the best for you. However, if you are looking for a well-cared-for pair that will last long, then H+M may be your best bet. This company takes great care in manufacturing their boots and uses high-quality materials that are durably constructed. Additionally, their boots come with a limited lifetime warranty so that you can always feel confident in your purchase.

If country style is more your thing, then Boot Hill might be worth considering. These boots have been popularized by celebrities like Katy Perry and Reese Witherspoon and are known for their sleek design as well as excellent comfort. They also come with a 1-year warranty so that you can rest easy knowing that they will provide years of service when needed. And finally, if fashion is a top priority, but the price isn’t an issue, Payless Cowboy Boots may be the perfect option for you! While these boots aren’t built to last as long as some of the other options on this list, they’re definitely affordable and stylish at the same time!

Is It Ok to Wear Cowboy Boots Everyday?

Cowboy boots are a popular style forFall/Winter and can be worn anytime you want. However, if you have weak ankles or other joint issues, it may not be the best idea to wear these shoes all the time. Instead, choose comfortable cowboy boots that fit well and don’t put unnecessary stress on your joints.

What is the Purpose of Wearing Cowboy Boots?

Cowboy Boots are often seen as an essential piece of clothing for anyone who wants to country look. However, the purpose of these boots is much more than just looking good on a horse. In fact, cowboy boots were originally made to provide functionality and protection in rural areas where horses were the main mode of transportation.

The original design was based off Indian Booties, which were created in 1820 by British Army Colonel George Armstrong Custer when he was fighting American Indians in the Michigan Territory. Cowboy Boots quickly became popular among cowboys because they helped keep their feet warm and protected from injuries caused by riding saddles and walking on rough ground all day long.

Today, cowboy boots remain an important part of Western fashion and continue to serve a functional purpose by providing protection against weather conditions while also adding style points to any outfit!


There you have it! Here are a few tips to soften your cowboy boots. Whether you’re breaking in a brand new pair or trying to revive an old favorite, one of these methods will hopefully work for you. Soft, comfortable boots are essential for a great day out on the ranch or on the town, so don’t neglect your footwear. With a little bit of care, your cowboy boots can last for years. Thanks for reading our post about how to soften cowboy boots.

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