How to Make Lace Up Heels Stay

Lace-up heels are a stunning way to spruce up any look and make your outfit stand out. The versatile style can be dressed up or down, making them an essential part of any wardrobe.

How to Make Lace Up Heels Stay

But one of the downsides to using laces on heels is that they tend to come undone easily, requiring repeated stops throughout the day just to re-tie them! If you’ve ever experienced this frustration, then this blog post was made for you! We’ll cover tips on how to make lace up heels stay in place so you can rock your favorite shoes all day long. Read on and learn practical ways of securing those pesky shoelaces now!

7 Best Ways on How to Make Lace Up Heels Stay

1. Use a Double Knot: 

The most common method for keeping your laces secure is to use a double knot. Simply tie your laces the same way you normally would, but make an extra loop before pulling tight for the second time. This will ensure that your laces don’t come undone during the day. This method is especially effective on shoes with thicker laces.

2. Use a Shoe Clip: 

Another great option for keeping your laces in place is to use a shoe clip. These clips are designed specifically for securing your shoelaces and come in different colors and designs to match any style. Simply snap them on the back of your heel and adjust the tension for the perfect fit. Using a shoe clip will also help to keep your laces from becoming too worn or frayed.

3. Make a Cat’s Cradle Knot: 

This knot is more complex than a standard double knot, but it does an even better job of keeping your laces in place. To tie this knot, start by making loops with the laces and then weaving them together around the heel of your shoe. Make sure to secure each loop by tying off the end when you’re finished. The result should be a sturdy knot that looks almost like a cat’s cradle.

Making Loops With the Laces and Then Weaving

4. Use an Elastic Band: 

For a cheaper solution, consider using an elastic band instead of a shoe clip. Place the band around your heel and then add your laces through the loop. Pull tight so that the elastic band is snug against your foot and adjust the tension as needed. This method is also great for shoes with thicker laces since you can use multiple bands for extra security.

5. Use a Lace Lock: 

A lace lock is essentially a metal clip that fits around the back of your heel and helps keep your laces in place. This method works best with shoes that have small eyelets as you can simply snap the lock on and secure it into place. Just be sure to not over-tighten the lock, or it can create discomfort when you walk.

6. Try a Lace Anchor: 

Rather than relying on knots or clips, you could use a lace anchor to secure your laces and keep them from coming undone. These small plastic anchors fit inside the eyelet of your shoe and act as a stopper so that your laces don’t slip out. This method is easy to use and keeps your laces looking neat throughout the day.

7. Use Lace Glue: 

If all else fails, you can always use lace glue to secure your laces in place. Simply apply some of the adhesives inside the eyelet and then thread the laces through. This method is also good for shoes with thicker or longer laces, as the glue can help keep them together and stop them from fraying.

Always Use Lace Glue to Secure Your Laces

Now that you know how to make lace-up heels stay, it’s time to go rock your favorite shoes and never worry about them coming undone again! With these tips, you can be sure that your laces will always be securely in place. So go show off those gorgeous lace-up heels and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing they’ll stay put all day long.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Make Lace-Up Heels Stay

1. Choose the right laces. Thicker, round, or flat waxed laces tend to stay tied better than thin cotton ones. You can also opt for elastic shoelaces which are designed to remain in place without needing to be retied often.

2. Double knot your laces. This is a great way to ensure your laces stay tied, even if you are running or dancing.

3. Use waxed laces. These are designed to be more resistant to looseness and will help keep your shoes in place all night long.

4. Secure with shoelace locks. If you’re serious about keeping your heel laces tied, then investing in a pair of shoelace locks can help. These little devices slip onto the end of the laces and lock them down, ensuring they stay tight.

5. Use clear nail polish on the ends of cotton laces. Applying clear nail polish to both ends of your cotton shoelaces will help them stay tied, as the polish will harden and act like glue.

6. Tie your laces at the top of the shoe rather than over the tongue. This is a better way to make sure that your heel laces don’t come untied throughout the night.

Tie Your Laces at the Top of the Shoe

7. Use moleskin on the back of your heel. Placing moleskin or a similar cushioning material over the back area of your heel can help to stop your shoe from slipping off and therefore keep your laces tied.

8. Consider wearing ankle boots instead. If you’re really struggling with keeping your laces tied no matter what tricks you try, then you might want to consider wearing ankle boots instead. This way, your laces will be secured in the back and won’t need to be tied or retied as often.

By following these tips and tricks, you can make sure that your lace-up heels stay secure all night long. With the right type of laces and a little bit of effort, you can be sure that your shoes will stay tied no matter how hard you dance or run. So put on your favorite pair of heels and enjoy the night without any worries!

Things You Should Consider to Make Lace-Up Heels Stay

1. Look for fabrics that are strong, durable, and breathable to ensure they don’t stretch out easily. Some good fabrics include leather, suede, canvas, and cotton.

2. Make sure the laces you use are thick, strong, and long enough to tie securely around your ankle. Otherwise, they may come undone too easily.

3. Be sure to use two-tone or multiple-colored laces for a more interesting look. This will also help keep them tied better and reduce slipping of the fabric around your ankle.

4. Use an adhesive spray or double-sided tape to help keep the fabric in place around the ankle and prevent slipping of the laces before tying them up.

5. Experiment with different lacing patterns, such as a crisscross pattern, zigzag pattern, or diamond pattern, or even wrap the laces around the ankle several times.

6. Try adding a few extra eyelets or loops on your shoes to help keep the laces tied firmly and reduce the slipping of the fabric.

7. Wear socks with your lace-up heels to provide additional cushioning, warmth, and grip for your feet inside your shoes.

Wear Socks With Your Lace-up Heels

8. Consider purchasing a pair of high heels with a zipper closure on the back to help keep them securely in place. This is especially helpful for those who have difficulty tying their laces.

Following these considerations should help you make your lace-up heels stay put and look stylish. With the right fabric, laces, and techniques, you can enjoy wearing them for hours without having to worry about them slipping off or coming undone. So don’t forget to go out there and show off your fabulous new shoes!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Techniques for Making Lace-up Heels Stay in Place? 

The best technique for making sure your lace-up heels stay in place is to make sure you tie them securely and snugly around your ankle. You should also use heel locks or adhesive strips that can be found at many shoe stores. Additionally, make sure to use a stable sole that won’t slip and slide around.

What If My Heels Keep Slipping Off?

If your heels keep slipping off even after tightening the laces securely, try using heel locks or adhesive strips. These provide extra security and help keep the heel in place better than regular lacing techniques. Additionally, make sure the sole of your shoes is stable and won’t slip around.

Are Heel Locks Comfortable to Wear?

Yes! Most heel locks are designed to be comfortable and unobtrusive while still providing extra security for your heels. They often come with adjustable straps that let you customize the fit and level of security you need.


Now that you know how to make lace up heels stay put, all that’s left is you to start rocking them! Show off your style with a pair of these classic shoe and be prepared for any situation life throws your way.

Whether it’s an afternoon BBQ or a night out on the town, lace-up heels are the perfect accessory! With the tips provided in this blog post, you’ll have no problem keeping them tied tight all day long. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that these shoes won’t come losing during any special moments. So what are you waiting for? Go forth and stay stylish –you’ve got this!

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