How to Take off Blundstone Boots

Blundstone boots have become a wardrobe staple for so many due to their versatility, comfort, and durability. They are perfect for everything from wading through mud puddles on rainy days to hiking in the woods or running errands around town. But at some point, you’re going to need to take off your Blundstone boots – and that’s what this blog post is all about!

How to Take off Blundstone Boots

We will give you tips and tricks on how to take off Blundstone boots with ease – no matter what activity they’ve been designed for. So if you are looking for an informative guide on how to quickly and efficiently (and without making a mess) reverse what was put on your feet – read further!

Can You Wear Blundstones Every Day?

Yes, Blundstone boots are designed to be worn every day and for any occasion. These sturdy and comfortable boots have a unique design that can withstand daily wear and tear. The boots are made with premium leather that is both water-resistant and breathable, so your feet will stay dry in all kinds of weather. Plus, the sole is shock absorbent, so you won’t feel as much strain on your joints when you walk or stand for long periods of time.

Whether you’re out running errands, going to work, or even just casually hanging out with friends, Blundstones are an ideal choice of footwear because they look great no matter where you go. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find a pair that suits your look perfectly.

And if you’re worried about not being able to take them off quickly, don’t worry – Blundstone boots are designed for easy on and off. So no matter what life throws at you, you can rely on your Blundstones to keep you looking great and feeling comfortable all day long.

10 Methods How to Take off Blundstone Boots

1. Use a Boot Jack:

A boot jack is a simple device that allows you to easily remove your Blundstone boots without bending down. Place the boot jack on the ground, slip the heel of your boot into the U-shaped opening, and use your other foot to step down on the boot jack, pulling your foot out of the boot.

Simple Device That 
Allows You to Easily Remove

If you don’t have a boot jack, use the edge of a porch or step to provide the same effect. You can also purchase boot jacks from Blundstone. However, be sure to check that the boot jack is compatible with your boots before making a purchase. To purchase Blundstone Boot Jacks, visit the official website.

2. Wiggle your Foot:

If your Blundstone boots are not too snug, you can try wiggling your foot while pulling up on the back of the boot to gradually ease it off. Be sure to keep the boot heel firmly planted on the ground as you do this.

You may even twist your foot slightly while pulling up on the back of the boot. This motion can help loosen the fit and make it easier to take off. With a little effort, you should be able to slide your foot out of the boot. If this method doesn’t work for you, move on to the next step. Try to avoid yanking or pulling too hard, as this could damage the boot.

3. Pull on the Boot Tab:

Many Blundstone boots come with a pull tab at the back of the boot. Use this tab to help pull your foot out of the boot. Make sure to pull directly up and not at an angle, as this can cause the fabric to stretch or tear. If your boot does not have a tab, use your hands to help pull and grip the sides of the boot.

While pulling, wiggle your foot back and forth to make it easier to remove. However, be sure not to use excessive force, as this can damage the boot and make it harder to remove. To protect your Blundstone boots, avoid excessive pulling and tugging.

4. Tap the Toe on the Ground:

Tap the toe of your boot firmly on the ground to loosen the boot’s grip on your foot, then pull your foot out of the boot. If the heel of your boot is still touching the ground and the toe is off, you can use a little extra force by pulling up on the back of the boot with your other hand to remove it.

Tap the Toe of 
Your Boot Firmly

If you find yourself having difficulty pulling off your Blundstone boots, try using a shoehorn to help you get them off. This will make it easier to slip the boot straight up and off your foot with little effort. If you just can’t seem to get your boot off, try using a shoehorn in combination with the previous steps for maximum ease of removal.

5. Use a Boot Remover Tool:

There are specialized boot remover tools available that can help you take off your Blundstone boots. These tools typically have a V-shaped slot that you can slide your boot into and then use leverage to pull your foot out of the boot. This is an especially helpful option if your feet are particularly swollen or you’re having difficulty pulling the boot off.

Be sure to read the instructions carefully before using a boot remover tool to make sure you’re using it correctly. While boot remover tools can help you get your boots off, be sure to also use other methods outlined above so that you don’t have to rely on this tool every time you take off your Blundstones.

6. Try a Plastic Bag:

Slip a plastic bag over your foot before putting on your Blundstone boots. The plastic bag can reduce friction, making it easier to slide your foot out of the boot. The slick surface of the plastic bag will also reduce any suction and make it easier to take off your boots.

Once you are done wearing your Blundstone boots, simply remove the plastic bag and discard it. If you are wearing your Blundstone boots often, it is a good idea to keep some plastic bags handy so you can easily take them off. Though this method may not work for all sizes, it is a good idea to give it a try if you have difficulty taking off your Blundstone boots.

7. Wear Thinner Socks:

If you’re wearing thick socks with your Blundstone boots, try switching to thinner socks to create more space inside the boot, making it easier to remove your foot. When wearing thin socks, you can use your hand to create extra space in the boot when taking it off.

To make it easier for the next time, loosen the laces slightly before taking off your boots. This will give you more flexibility when removing them and will make it easier to slip your foot in and out.

8. Use a Boot Horn:

A boot horn is a long, curved tool that can help you slide your foot out of your Blundstone boots. Insert the boot horn into the back of the boot and use it as a lever to ease your foot out. Make sure you use gentle pressure to ensure your Blundstone boots are not damaged.

A Boot Horn is a 
Long Curved Tool

You can find boot horns at most shoe stores or online retailers that carry Blundstone boots. While using a boot horn can be an effective way to remove your Blundstone boots, always use caution and ensure you are not putting too much strain on the boots.

9. Loosen the Laces:

If your Blundstone boots have laces, make sure they are properly loosened before attempting to take off the boots. Looser laces can provide more room to slide your foot out. You can also try taking off the boots by untucking the laces, if possible.

While it may be a bit more of a struggle, it’s still possible to slip off the boots without untying them. To do so, follow the steps listed in this guide and make sure to pull on the heel loop at the back of the boot.

10. Ask for Assistance:

If you’re struggling to take off your Blundstone boots, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Having someone else hold the boot steady while you pull your foot out can make the process easier and safer. Don’t forget to thank them for their help!

While Blundstone boots are designed to be easy to take off, it can still feel like a large task if you’re having trouble. You can also try using a boot jack or boot puller tool to help you take off the boots. With these tools, you can easily slip the soles of the boots into the notches and pull them off with ease.

Designed to Be Easy to Take Off


Taking off a pair of Blundstone boots is different from taking off any other type of boot. To remove easily, loosen the laces, then press down on the front lip of the leather with your thumb as you lift up the back heel tab and pull. Once you’re finished using your boots, store them in a cool, dry place to help keep their shape and condition.

Don’t keep dealing with uncomfortable shoes—try taking off your Blundstones today! Instill yourself with confidence in doing so by reviewing our comprehensive guide on How to Take Off Blundstone Boots. With this knowledge, you won’t have any problems getting those pesky Blundstone boots off in no time.

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