How to Repair Patent Leather Shoes

Are your patent leather shoes looking worse for wear? Don’t get rid of them just yet! With the right supplies and a little bit of know-how, you can repair them and restore them to their former glory. In this blog post, we’ll be running through various techniques to help revive your scuffed or scratched patent leather shoes.

How to Repair Patent Leather Shoes

Whether you’ve got regular dress shoes or fancy stilettos that need some attention, there’s something here for everyone! So keep reading if you’re after some practical guidance on how to repair patent leather shoes.

Summary: To repair patent leather shoes, you will need some rubbing alcohol, cotton balls, petroleum jelly, and a soft cloth. First, clean the shoes with rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. Then, apply petroleum jelly to any scuffs or scratches using a soft cloth. Let the shoes sit for a few hours before wiping off the excess petroleum jelly with a clean cloth.

Is It Possible to Repair Patent Leather Shoes?

Yes, it is possible! Scuffs and scratches can be removed using a good leather conditioner. This will get rid of any dirt and grime that has built up over time, as well as close up the tiny gaps in the patent leather where the scuff or scratch is located. You need to apply the conditioner evenly. Otherwise, it won’t be effective. It is also important to remember that you should never use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning tools when repairing patent leather shoes.

If the conditioner doesn’t work, then you can try using a product specifically designed for patching up patent leather. These usually come in a pen form and are applied directly to the scuff or scratch. They may also contain a small amount of dye that can be used to give the leather a new shine. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully when using one of these pens, as over-applying it can cause discoloration or damage to the texture of the patent leather.

Required Tools

To repair your patent leather shoes, you will need the following tools:

  • Leather Conditioner
  • Soft Cloth
  • Patent Leather Patch Pen (optional)
  • Toothbrush (optional)

10 Instructions for How to Repair Patent Leather Shoes

1. Clean the Surface

Clean the surface of the shoe using a soft cloth and leather conditioner. Make sure to clean off any dirt and grime, as this will make it easier to repair the scuff or scratch. Dirt or dust can also interfere with the effectiveness of the conditioner.

Clean the Surface of the Shoe

2. Test How Well the Conditioner Works

Using your soft cloth, apply a small amount of leather conditioner to the affected area and rub it in gently. This will help you determine whether or not the conditioner is suitable for repairing your patent leather shoes. If it works, then you can proceed to the next step.

3. Use a Patent Leather Patch Pen

If the leather conditioner does not work, then use a patent leather patch pen to fill in any gaps or cracks caused by the scuff or scratch. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully and apply the product evenly for the best results.

4. Rub In the Patch Pen

Once you have applied the patch pen, use a soft cloth to rub it gently. This will help blend it into the leather and make it less noticeable. Try to be as gentle as possible.

5. Use a Toothbrush

If the patch pen is not enough to fill in the scratches or scuffs, then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to remove any remaining debris. This can help even out the surface of the leather and make it look more uniform.

6. Allow to Dry

Once you have finished patching up the patent leather shoes, allow them to dry completely. This will ensure that the patch pen and leather conditioner are completely absorbed into the material. Wet leather is more prone to damage, so make sure they are completely dry before you move on to the next step.

7. Buff the Leather

Using a soft cloth, buff the patent leather shoes gently in circular motions until all traces of the repair material are gone. This will help restore its original shine and luster. Buffing the leather will also help it to last longer and prevent future scuffs or scratches.

Buff the Patent Leather Shoes

8. Condition the Leather

After buffing the patent leather shoes, use a leather conditioner to restore their natural oils and keep them supple. This will help maintain its look and feel over time and protect it from becoming damaged again in the future.

9. Polish the Leather

Finally, use leather polish to give the shoes extra shine and luster. This will help keep them looking new and prevent any dirt or dust from sticking to them in the future. Polish can also help reduce the appearance of any imperfections or wear and tear.

10. Enjoy Your Shoes

Once you have finished repairing your patent leather shoes, enjoy wearing them! They should now be good as new and ready for years of use. Make sure to take proper care of them in the future by keeping them clean and conditioned. This will ensure that they stay looking their best for a long time to come.

By following these steps, you can successfully repair your patent leather shoes and keep them looking like new. With proper maintenance and care, your patent leather shoes can last for many years to come. So take the time to fix them up and enjoy wearing them for a long time!

8 Maintenance Tips

Use an Old Toothbrush
  1. Keep your patent leather shoes clean and maintain them frequently. Use a soft cloth to wipe away dirt and debris, then apply a special protective coating or polish designed for patent leather. It is best to use a product specifically designed for patent leather shoes, as regular polishes or coatings may damage the material.
  2. Use an old toothbrush and warm soapy water to gently scrub away any dirt or debris that has built up on your shoes. Avoid using harsh detergents or solvents, which can harm the surface of the shoes.
  3. To remove stubborn stains, use a soft cloth to dab very small amounts of saddle soap onto the surface of the shoe and then carefully rub it in using gentle circular motions. The saddle soap should help break up the stain without damaging the surface of your shoes. Rinse with clean water when you are done.
  4. Apply a protective coating or polish designed specifically for patent leather shoes to help keep them looking shiny and new. Protective coatings and polishes are available in a variety of finishes, so you can choose the one that best fits your shoes.
  5. To help prevent scuff marks on the surface of your patent leather shoes, use shoe trees inside them when they are not being worn. This will also help maintain their shape. It is also important to avoid wearing them in wet weather, as this can cause the leather to become brittle and cracked.
  6. In the event that your shoes do get scuffed or scratched, use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to buff out the marks. Be sure not to rub too hard, or you may damage the surface of your shoes.
  7. If your shoes are severely cracked or damaged, it is best to take them to a professional for repair. A skilled cobbler should be able to restore the leather and make your shoes look as good as new.
  8. Consider storing your patent leather shoes in a special box or bag when not being worn. This will help to keep them looking their best and also protect them from dust, dirt, and moisture. A special polish or cloth can be used to buff the shoes before they are stored in order to maintain their shine.

These tips should help you extend the life of your patent leather shoes and keep them looking great for years to come! With proper care and maintenance, your shoes should remain in good condition and last for a long time.

What is the Best Way to Store It?

The best way to store patent leather shoes is in a special box or bag, away from dirt and moisture. If you have shoe trees for them, keep them inside the shoes when not being worn to help retain their shape and prevent scuff marks. 

Before storing your shoes away, use a special polish or cloth to buff out any scratches or scuff marks and maintain their shine. Do not store them in direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and damage to the leather.

By following these tips, you should be able to keep your patent leather shoes looking great for many years.

Use a Special Polish


Overall, repairing patent leather is doable at home. All it takes is some degree of prep work and some elbow grease. Start by removing any surface debris and cleaning the patent leather before filling in the scratches with a wax fill stick. Further protection can be achieved with a leather conditioner spray.

If you find that heavy-duty repairs are still necessary, you can always enlist the help of a cobbler, which while more expensive than doing it yourself, can definitely do the job correctly. A few coats of spray shoe polish should be used to coat and protect the surface of the shoes over time. Remember that it’s worth taking extra care when handling patent leather shoes since they are so delicate, but with a bit of effort, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful-looking patent leather shoes. Have this post on how to repair patent leather shoes as a guide.

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