How to Fix Slippery Cowboy Boots

If you’re like most cowboys, your boots get pretty slippery during the winter. Whether it’s from the snow or the rain, your boots can be a real pain to walk in when they’re wet. Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to fix this problem. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to fix slippery cowboy boots so that you can stay safe and comfortable on your feet all winter long. Keep reading to learn more.

How to Fix Slippery Cowboy Boots

Summary: Cowboy boots can be slippery and dangerous. There are a few different methods to make them less slippery, such as applying a suede protector spray, using rubber soles, or adding grip tape. With some patience, your cowboy boots can be safe and easy to walk in!

What Causes Cowboy Boots Slippery?

There are a few different things that can cause your cowboy boots to become slippery. One of the most common causes is walking in wet conditions. Whether rain, snow, or ice, wet conditions can slippery your boots. Another common cause of slippery cowboy boots is worn-out soles. If your boots have seen better days, the soles may be worn down and no longer have the same gripping power as they once did. The other main cause of slippery cowboy boots is simply wearing the wrong type of socks. If you’re wearing socks that are too thin or made from a slippery material, they can cause your boots to slip and slide. Lastly, if your boots don’t fit properly, they can also cause your slipping woes.

How to Fix Slippery Cowboy Boots Step by Step Guide:

Step 1. Use Sandpaper

The first step to fixing slippery cowboy boots is to use sandpaper. This will rough up the bottom of your boots and give them more traction. Just be sure to use medium-grit sandpaper, so you don’t damage the leather. First, remove the laces from your boots. Then, turn your boots over and sand the soles in a circular motion. Be sure to cover the entire sole, including the heel and toe. Once you’re finished, wipe away any excess sandpaper with a damp cloth.

Step 2. Use Non-Slip Adhesive Pads

If sandpaper doesn’t do the trick, you can also use non-slip adhesive pads. These are designed to give your boots more traction and can be found at most cowboy boots stores. Simply peel and stick the pads to the bottom of your boots. Place them strategically, such as on the heel and toe. You can also use these pads inside your boots to prevent your feet from slipping.

Use Non-Slip Adhesive Pads

Step 3. Use Rubber Heel Caps

Another option for fixing slippery cowboy boots is to use rubber heel caps. These caps fit over the back of your boots and provide extra traction. They can be found at most stores that sell cowboy boots and are relatively inexpensive. First, remove the old heel caps from your boots (if they have them). Then, put the rubber heel caps in their place and press them firmly into place. If they’re too loose, you can use a bit of glue to secure them.

Step 4. Use Protective Soles

You can use protective soles if your cowboy boots are slipping because the soles are worn out. These are thin, rubber soles that you adhere to the bottom of your boots. They provide extra traction and can help extend the life of your boots. To use, first clean and dry the bottom of your boots. Then, cut the soles to size and attach them to the bottom of your boots with adhesive. Let the adhesive dry completely before wearing your boots.

Step 5.Heel to Toe While Walking

When walking in your cowboy boots, make sure you are heel to toe. This means that each time your heel hits the ground, your toes should be lifted and ready to step. This will help you avoid slips and falls and keep your cowboy boots in good shape. If you are having trouble with this, try walking heel to toe in your bare feet first, and then gradually add your cowboy boots.

Step 6. Use Traction Spray

You can use a traction spray if you still have trouble with slippery cowboy boots. This is a temporary solution that will give your boots more grip. You can find traction spray at most sporting goods stores. First, clean your boots with soap and water to apply this method. Then, dry them completely. Next, apply the spray to the bottom of your boots. Let the spray dry for a few minutes before wearing your boots. Traction spray is not a permanent solution, so you’ll need to reapply it every few days. You should also avoid getting the spray on your clothing, as it can stain.

Step 7. Resole Cowboy Boots

Tracing the Outline of Old Sole

If you’ve tried all of the above methods and still can’t seem to fix your slippery cowboy boots, you may need to resolve them. This relatively simple process can be done at home, first by tracing the outline of your old sole onto the new one. Next, attach the new sole to your boot with a strong adhesive. Once it’s dry, you’ll have a brand new, grippy sole that will help to keep your feet firmly in place.

Step 8. Increase Your Weight

You may find that your cowboy boots are more likely to slip if you are a smaller person. This is because there is less weight to keep them in place. To fix this, you can try wearing multiple layers of socks or adding a layer of insoles to your boots. This will help to add weight and keep your boots from slipping. If you are still having trouble, you can try adding a small weight to the back of your boots. This will help to keep them firmly in place.

Tips and Warnings on How to Fix Slippery Cowboy Boots:


  1. Applying a waterproofing spray to your cowboy boots will help to make them less slippery.
  2. Choose a quality pair of cowboy boots that have been treated with a water-repellent finish.
  3. If you live in an area with cold winters, it is important to invest in a good pair of insulated cowboy boots.
  4. Wearing cowboy boots with a lower heel will help to prevent slips and falls.
  5. Make sure your cowboy boots fit properly. Ill-fitting boots can be very slippery.
  6. Avoid wearing cowboy boots in wet or icy conditions.
  7. Take care of your cowboy boots and clean them regularly. Dirty cowboy boots can be very slippery.
Choose A Quality Pair Of Cowboy Boots


  1. Never wear cowboy boots that are too big or too small.
  2. Avoid wearing cowboy boots on slippery surfaces.
  3. Do not use wax or polish on your cowboy boots, as this can make them very slippery.
  4. Be careful when walking downstairs in cowboy boots, as they can be slippery.
  5. Do not wear cowboy boots in the rain or snow, as they can become very slippery.
  6. If you are unsure about How to Fix Slippery Cowboy Boots, it is always best to consult a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I Make My Cowboy Boots Slip Resistant?

You can do a few things to make your cowboy boots more slip-resistant. The most important thing is to choose the right cowboy boots. Look for cowboy boots that have a wide heel and a textured sole. You can also add a slip-resistant sole to your cowboy boots. If you already have slippery cowboy boots, you can add a few strips of sandpaper to the bottom of the heel and sole. This will help create more traction and make your cowboy boots less slippery.

Add a Slip-Resistant Sole

Do I Need to Buy Special Tools for Fixing Slippery Cowboy Boots?

No, you don’t need to buy any special tools. You can find everything you need to fix your boots at a local shoe store or online. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always ask a salesperson for help. Try to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives on your cowboy boots.

What Is the Best Way to Fix Slippery Cowboy Boots?

The best way to fix slippery cowboy boots is to use a product called Boot Grip. This product is a clear, adhesive film that you apply to the bottom of your cowboy boots. It provides traction and prevents slipping. You can find Boot Grip at most stores that sell cowboy boots or online. If you have trouble finding it, you can also use a product called Gorilla Tape. This heavy-duty tape is also clear and will provide the same results.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Slippery Cowboy Boots?

Normally, the cost to fix slippery cowboy boots is around $10. The cost of fixing slippery cowboy boots varies depending on your chosen method. If you decide to add a slip-resistant sole to your boots, it will cost around $30. If you use Boot Grip or Gorilla Tape, it will cost less than $10.


So there you have everything you need to know about how to fix slippery cowboy boots. Follow these steps, and you’ll surely have slip-resistant cowboy boots in no time. Cowboy boots are a great investment, so don’t let slippery soles ruin them. With a little bit of care, your cowboy boots will last you for years to come. Thanks for reading!

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